Mother Fragrance Insence

Mother Fragrance Insence

Mother Fragrance Incense

What is so special about Mother Fragrance?

As well as being entirely made from natural ingredients, they only use renewable resources and have a minimal carbon footprint during the manufacturing process, as all the incense is rolled by hand, without any machinery.  Mother's Fragrance Company  is a Fair Trade company, providing good paid employment  for their people.

So as well as smelling great, with the reassurance that that there are no harmful chemicals given off during the burning process, you are also doing your bit to support this Fair Trade company and being kind to the environment too - its win-win.

As many of our Customers know, we burn it in the shop all the time.  At this stage I think half of Naas is addicted to it and we ship it through our website to places as far away as Donegal.
It is a popular topic of conversation in the shop with our customers, and is probably discussed more often than the weather. 

LOL.  Claire

Who is Mother Fragrance?


The Mother's Fragrance Company makes all their incense products, the fragranced sachets.  It is a small privately owned company set up nearly 40 years ago, specifically to counter  unemployment among local women. The company now employs around 400 women.

The Mother's Fragrance Company makes a happy change from conventional practice in the industry by paying good wages, ensuring good working conditions, and preventing child labour. These are the cornerstones of Fair Trade.  But in making our incense,  they are given many more opportunities to increase our positive impact: through maximizing local employment, maximizing local profit, and by capacity building in India.

There are many advantages to this way of working. The Mother’s India   Fragrances incense is a highly complex product to make, and only by   keeping it all under one roof, can its high quality be guaranteed.   Important too is that, by ensuring that work is only done in the workshops, they can keep an eye on who does the work, for how long, and  ensure decent working conditions.

 Fair Trade is a powerful way to make the world just a little bit better, to connect with the people who make the products and to give due respect to the women who work so hard to provide for their families.


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